Just the Girl, poem series

Just the Girl 1. "Adrift" 2. "The Deep End" 3. "None" 4. "The Dream of Solid Ground" Just the Girl was essentially the first genuine stab I took at poetry, which would come to shape much of my college career. It has problems, such as an all-too-static consistency, rather than a progression; in hindsight, this seems to forecast my later love affair with cubism...

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Killed-off Kanji: 2010 Edition

I arrived in Japan in 2009, and after about 6 months, realized I wasn’t going to acquire literacy through osmosis, so I buckled all the things that had buckles and studied. Then, less than a year later, they went and updated the daily-use (常用) kanji list on me! What was worse is they added 196 new kanji that I would have to learn! To...

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